The Grumpy Knight

Story and Setting

Elsa, a Death Knight working in the mainland, returns home to Helena's Kingdom to "save" it from monsters...But all is not as it seems. For one, the monsters don't attack people; they just make themselves a nuisance. And they will only fight females. Join Elsa as she sets out to defeat all the monsters on the island and discover what is it that the monsters are planning.

Game Details

  • Boss rush gameplay. All enemies are powerful one-time encounters.
  • No grinding for items or experience. Each of the four powerful bosses unlocks a new level and items are freely replenished.
  • Choose from 10 supporting party members, each with a unique skill set and mechanics.
  • 3 different endings and various new game unlockables.
  • Humorous characters and lighthearted storyline.
  • Complete game takes around two to three hours (Seeing only one ending. You mileage may also vary).
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File Size: ~ 56 mb
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