Dead Moon Night

Story and Setting

Once every few centuries, a special night arrives: the Dead Moon. Without fail, creatures from the Netherworld will attempt to travel to the world of the living to carry out their nefarious plans under the moon's sinister glow. Morten is one of such dark creatures. However, the spell teleporting him is tampered with, and his body is torn to pieces, leaving only his head. Luckily this does not kill him, since he's a Lich (and basically a talking skeleton). With only his head and a few tricks, he enlists the help of the tragically naive nun who finds him and a newly raised zombie warrior to find the lost pieces of his body and his Grimoire, the source of his power, which was, tragically, also lost.

Game Details

  • 4 playable characters with different mechanics and skill sets.
  • Highly customisable characters due to the mod system.
  • Humorous characters and lighthearted storyline.
  • No grinding for experience, there are no levels.
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