Here at Blue Coral Games we are committed to providing consistently great games (usually RPGs) for your enjoyment. We are a small group of passionate and talented individuals who enjoy creating and playing games. As part of the independent game community we are free to make the games we want to make, games we enjoy and we hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Scott McIntosh

Aliases: Fomar0153, Cobb Tocs
Programming is a hobby I've had since I was child, probably second only to video gaming. While I enjoy a great story, the most important aspect of games for me is the gameplay. I'm the person in charge of most of the gameplay in our games and I hope that I've achieved what I set out to, delivering fun experiences.
Growing up my favourite games were Zelda (Majora's Mask), Final Fantasy (most), Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star Online and Pokemon. My non-game related hobbies include reading, swimming and cooking.


Aliases: Lady Potato and other such nonsense
I came into game making quite late in my life, compared to a lot of people in the scene; I must have been twenty-something at least when I finally got somewhere. I spent most of my childhood as something of a hermit (well, I still am), playing games, reading and watching stuff. I learnt English (I'm Spanish) off games and the internet, and my interest in the language came from wanting to understand what the characters in RPGs were saying.
During my high school years I started writing a lot, with mixed success. I loved creating worlds and telling stories but the media never felt quite right, it didn't give me the freedom I wanted. Much later, I came across RPG Maker and finally was able to tell the stories I wanted in the way I wanted. I have not looked back since then. Making games is my main focus in life.
My passion is the portrayal of characters, and writing dialogue is my favourite part. I take care of the story, writing, mapping and most eventing of our games. Some of my favourite games are FF5, Liva a Live, Lufia 2, Threads of Fate, Tales of the Abyss, The Atelier series and Journey, to name a few.
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